Add hours to your workweek through well conducted meetings

According to National Meeting Barometer 2015 in Finland, a Finn spends in average 9.5 hours a week in meetings. According to the Barometer participants consider wasting 5 hours and 22 minutes each week

Innotiimi-ICG presents a whole new way to lead mobile team work

Everyone of us are familiar with frustration of inefficient meetings. More efficient online collaboration tools can save up to 5 hours a week of working time

Retrospection: Change Management Conference

A unique event focusing on Change Management took place on October 14th 2015.

Change - Magazine for High Impact Change

Change Management Magazine

In this Edition we present four fields in which we see the need for development: how to deal with change, innovation with real impact, the constant need to achieve a lean organization, and how leaders can handle the tensions in today’s business.